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Thank you for visiting our website.  Forget-Me-Not, LLC carries a fine collection of gift items, including custom-made Totes and Bags, various linens, as well as Hostess Tea and Bib Aprons. We also have "Carol Wilson Fine Arts" stationery* in stock.  So whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for that perfect gift, we're sure you'll love our selections.

*The "Carol Wilson Fine Arts" stationery collection retired in 2014; however, we still have a selection from which to choose.  Keep in mind as you browse the site, everything that is currently available is on the website

We also offer custom-made doll clothes for a select group of Tonner/Effanbee dolls as well as a special webpage just for the Ellowyne Wilde doll. We also offer some ensembles for a few other (dolls).  These beautiful ensembles are one-of-a-kind, not to be missed.

*Our Custom-made doll clothes are not assocated with the Tonner Doll Company or any other Doll Company

Be sure to visit our Tonner/Effanbee pages to see our collection of Tonner and Effanbee dolls and outfits, our Ellowyne's Wardrobe page, and our Custom Doll Ensembles webpage.

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"Carol Wilson Fine Arts" single greeting card          Custom-Made Ensemble for Ellowyne


 Forget-Me-Not, LLC 

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