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The beautiful finished embroidered designs created by "Shepherd's Bush" and stitched  by -Suzanne for 'Forget-Me-Not, LLC'

These Scissors Fobs make it quite difficult for you to lose your scissors.  How many times have you had to lift the sofa/chair cushion to look for those little embroidery scissors!  Probably never again with these beautiful Hand-Stitched Fobs on your Scissors, and with this purchase is included a pair of 3 1/2" Victorian Scissors. 

Some of these fobs have edging of silk ribbons and the ribbon is sewn onto the fob with tiny little beads

Each one may be a little bit different with regards to the shade of the linen fabric, the ribbon/trim, charms, buttons and beads, but will all coordinate beautifully.  The fabric is 30-32 count fine quality  linen.  Some of them have threads of silk or overdyed floss

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Linen and other Fabric for the NeedleArts


Hand Embroidered Victorian Needlerolls, Project Bags & Custom Portfolios

$0.00 - $119.89
Victorian Scissors

Victorian Embroidery Scissors, Hand-Embroidered Scissor Fobs, Scissor Weights

$0.00 - $74.15