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Fabric for the NeedleArts: Linen & Aida

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We have many linen fabric colors in 28ct.  and are available for purchase in the size 17"W x 18"L ($13.95)   The majority of our NeedleArtists know what color they wish to purchase; however, if you would like to have a sample of any particular color/s, the cost is $1.00 each per sample.  Send the amount, along with your name and address to:                                             

Forget-Me-Not, LLC   PO Box 893   Fish Creek, WI 54212-0893                                                                            Be sure to indicate what color sample/s you wish to have sent

28ct Linen Fabric currently in stock and available include:  Antique Lavender, Antique White, Blue Wing, Bonnie Blue, Cherub Pink (Royal Crown), China Pearl, Dirty Linen, Ice Blue, French Lace, Lambswool, Lavender Mist, Lilac, Misty Blue, Prairie Grain, Provence Lavender, Putty, Sandstone/Tea, Silver Blue, Star Sapphire, Taupe, Touch of Yellow, Twilight Blue, Vintage Antique Ivory, Vintage Country Mocha, Waterlily, White Chocolate 

Country French Mocha 28ct piece size 25"W x 19"L  available for $20.00. Cannot be re-ordered

English Rose 28ct piece size 19"W x 18"L available for $16.00.  Cannot be re-ordered

If you are interested in either a larger or smaller size piece of linen, let us know and we advise of you the cost.  Remember that the finished design should have a minimum of 3" of additional fabric added to each side, i.e., an 8"W x 10"L design should be stitched on a piece of fabric 14"W x 16"L. You may send your request via email:  When requesting, let us know which is the length                                                          

We do have other count linen available and we do have Aida evenweave.  We also may be able to order other fabric for you

Special Order Fabric and Special Cut Fabric not available for return