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> Hand Embroidered NeedleArt

Special Pieces of NeedleArt that are Hand Embroidered on Linen, some of twhich are finished with Beads and Ribbons

The beautiful finished embroidered designs are created by "Shepherd's Bush" and stitched by -Suzanne for 'Forget-Me-Not, LLC'

The Victorian NeedleRoll was originally used not only to keep needles in place but also to show the decorative stitches the stitcher learned and used in her embroidery pieces.  Over the years the NeedleRoll has continued in serving that purpose, but also as a decorative piece for display.  Most, as you will see, have quite ornate stitching including hardanger, hemstitching, beads, crystals, charms and tiny buttons

Some pieces offer an added touch, perfect for display at the Holidays or various Seasons

Note:  Scissors are not included with the NeedleRoll

The beautiful finished embroidered designs created by "Shepherd's Bush" and stitched by -Suzanne for 'Forget-Me-Not, LLC'

The Project Bags are custom made by  "Adam Original" for "Shepherd's Bush" with the stitching  done on Linen.  It is a fine quality bag, 6 7/8" x 5" in size and zips closed in the back.  It will hold  accessories such as embroidery scissors (2 1/2"/3 1/2"), palette with threads, needles, small 6" ruler, or other chosen stitching accessories

The beautiful finished embroidered designs created by "Shepherd's Bush" and stitched  by -Suzanne for 'Forget-Me-Not, LLC'

These Scissors Fobs make it quite difficult for you to lose your scissors.  How many times have you had to lift the sofa/chair cushion to look for those little embroidery scissors!  Probably never again with these beautiful Hand-Stitched Fobs on your Scissors, and with this purchase is included a pair of 3 1/2" Victorian Scissors. 

Some of these fobs have edging of silk ribbons and the ribbon is sewn onto the fob with tiny little beads

Each one may be a little bit different with regards to the shade of the linen fabric, the ribbon/trim, charms, buttons and beads, but will all coordinate beautifully.  The fabric is 30-32 count fine quality  linen.  Some of them have threads of silk or overdyed floss