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Market Bag Rolled Up

> Market/Shopping Bag, Reusable

Running into the grocery store for some items, or going to the corner store, pharmacy, mini-mall, and don't want to bother with disposing of (or saving 'til later) those plastic bags?  And why pay extra for a bag when you shop when you have your own handy and available. And how about saving the environment from another piece of plastic thrown into a landfill!  Our Market/Shopping/Grocery Bag may be just perfect for your needs!

The Bags are individually made of a fine quality cotton, are completely washable with all seams completely finished  and best of all the bag rolls up and can be tucked away wherever convenient for you where you can grab it when needed, whether it be in your purse, tote, glove compartment or console of your vehicle, motorcycle, moped, saddlebag, RV, camper, etc.

The Bag opens to approximately 12"H (not including handles...20" with handles), 16"W and with a depth of 4 1/2"

The Bag has a coordinating inside facing with an elastic loop at the bottom of the bag which wraps around the Bag after it is rolled, holding it in place for easy storage

Such a great Market/Shopping/Grocery Bag!  Always a good idea to have several on can't have too many!  Also make Great Gifts!

Fabric is a fine quality cotton.  Will also be available in Holiday designs, i.e., Halloween, Christmas Season. Looking for a special color print?  Let us know

We have added a Halloween design for the upcoming colorful!

Includes Bag only.  Facing pattern may vary from what is shown

$2.50 Discount on Market Bags during August.  Apply code AUG2017 in coupon box during checkout

$2.50 Discount on Market Bags during August.  Apply code AUG2017 in coupon box during checkout